No connection with camera...

  • Hi there!

    I am rather new in the Shinobi world, I just passed the installation on my Ubuntu.
    I am trying to connect my first camera, but I am failing to have any video...
    The camera is a Wanscam HW0045, I found the URLs on that webpage :, tried all of them through the H264 / HTTP settings, but still nothing... Of course I have filled the whole settings withe the usual basic information.

    The probe option does not help either (no message) and the ONVIF scanner does not see anything... 😞
    But I can ping the camera from my Ubuntu and see the video stream through the direct URL... So I think this is some Shinobi settings that I must have filled with errors...

    Any clue? Did I miss anything?

    Thank you in advance for the help! 🙂

  • I update myself...
    The point is that I can ping my wanscam HW0045 from the Ubuntu where my Shinobi is installed, but the built in ONVIF scanner cannot see anything and the windows tool does not see anything as well...
    I assume that either the built in scanner or windows tool should see it, but in this case how is it possible that I can ping the cam from the Ubuntu???
    So much things to learn... 🙂

  • Post a screenshot of your settings.

  • Finally get back home.
    Here are the screenshots of the settings:

    text alternatif

    text alternatif

    text alternatif

    Does it ring a bell?

  • Just to mention: I have tried several other path, but nothing else happens...


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