Setting a camera to record in a different location causes detector to not record

  • I created a /recordings, which points to a secondary drive on my Ubuntu 17.10.1 and told my camera to use this directory as an AddStorage.

    If I manually record into this directory, everything works fine.

    If I attempt to use the built-in detector, to hacve it automatically record to this directory, no file is ever created.

    Using the default directory works, so for now I mapped /home/Shinobi/videos to my secondary drive, so that recordings are not in the main drive and that the detector actually records.

    P.S. Thanks for taking on this project. As soon as I have a few extra bucks, I will be certain to send some your way. This is so much better than ZoneMinder and is actually able to record videos from my cameras at night time without being all blurry.

  • I can confirm this. I am having the same problem.


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