Built in Detector not working when recording in webm

  • Ubuntu 17.10.1
    Latest Pro build from last night, using Ninja way

    When your recording is set to use webm, with libpx or libvpx-vp9, and the built-in detector is turned on, the system will not create webm recordings automatically.

    What I found, by monitoring the camera's video folder, is that when the detector activates the recording, a mp4 file appears in the directory, instead of a webm. Once the recording is done, for the period you have it set to record on detection, the mp4 file does not show up in the dashboard videos section.

    So, issue is either that the file is getting recorded with an incorrect file type and/or the file is not showing in the videos to be able to actually view it or know that there was a recording which occurred. I have not attempted to view this file, because the server does not have SAMBA or file shares configured for me to download the file.


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