"Built-In" motion detection? Docs?

  • On your Feb 3 Facebook post, there is a mention of Shinobi having built-in motion detection using Kevin Godell's plugin? Can you elaborate on how to activate it and what other settings under the Motion Detection area are needed for it to work?

  • +1. There is the motion detection document, but it's woefully terse. It mentions there is the built-in motion detection, as well as the plugin (or maybe multiple plugins?). But there is no discussion on why one would want to use one over, e.g. features, capabilities, performance considerations, screenshots, etc.

    All the Shinobi vs Zoneminder "marketing" fails to credit ZM for its stable and robust motion detection system (at least for me). The performance arguments are valid, and that's why I'm giving Shinobi a try. But I'm already struggling with basic streaming, so am unwilling to spend a lot of time on motion detection until the documentation is current and comprehensive.

  • Yeah. I'm using the built in plugin... I figured since it was built in, it's probably the best all around for performance and effectiveness... but it's not really working very well. I might have my settings all jacked, but I have no idea. Some elaboration here would be great.


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