Motion is detected but recording is not turning on

  • Hi!

    Hopefully someone else has had a similar issue that could help me. this issue is happening when recording is set to use webm and libvpx.

    OS: Ubuntu 16.04
    Firewall currently disabled/allowing all ports from all sources
    Installed Shinobi with Ubuntu Simple instructions, installed at /opt/Shinobi as root
    Mapped /opt/Shinobi/videos to a second drive on the server, so that videos are recorded to a different drive over the OS.

    Followed Motion instructions to enable plugin. The keys both match in the 2 config.json files (I left them default values for now)

    I can record with my Camera, by turning on recording. The files look good and all is recorded correctly into the videos directly.

    Camera currently setup for Watch Only.

    I have configured my Detector settings with:
    Use Built-In: Yes
    Noise Filter: Blank (default setting)
    Webhook: No
    Command on Trigger: No
    Allow Next Trigger: blank (2000)
    Save Events to SQL: No
    Save Frames to Events: No
    Email on Trigger: No
    Allow Next Email: blank
    How to Record: Traditional
    Trigger Record: Yes
    Recording FPS Change on Start: Blank
    Recording Timeout: 10
    Timeout Reset on Next Motion: No
    Send Frames: Yes
    Show Regions of Interest: yes
    Detector Rate: Blank (2)
    Feed-in Image Width: 640
    Feed-in Image Height: 360
    Full Frame Detection: No
    Indifference: Blank (0.5)
    I configured 1 region, for the test, that covers the entire video screen with indifference of 0.0005, to ensure any little movement would be detected for testing.

    On the dashboard, when viewing the camera, I can see the detector bar go up and down and it shows that it is detecting, yet some reason the recording is not turning on.

    Is there anything else I can check to see why the recording does not start?

    I'm really loving the Shinobi interface, over the ZoneMinder one, and would love to swap over to use Shinobi, but I just need to be able to detect motion, as I do not want to record 24/7 🙂

    Thanks to anyone that can point me in the right direction.

  • Last night I rebuilt the entire server, this time with Ubuntu 17.10.1.

    I followed the steps from "The Ninja Way", while selecting Pro and the master branch.

    I also did not map a second drive this time, and simply letting the system record to the default videos location.

    Only thing that is not default is my created user that I then added the camera for.

    Settings for the Detector are the same as in my original post, minus the noise filter. I set it to No.

    Still getting the same result of seeing that motion is detected but nothing is recorded.

    I can record by turning on recording manually, but for whatever reason I cannot get the recording to trigger using the built in detector.

    P.S. I did find out that using Ubuntu 17, vs 16, seems to use less CPU with the same settings, which is nice.

  • I think I figured out my issue. I had recording set to use webm with libvpx, instead of mp4 copy. As soon as I updated the recording to happen with mp4 copy, the recordings started to show up.... updating the title to reflect, if I can.


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