Latest Feb 18 Dev - increased CPU usage, "opening detectorStream.m3u8"

  • @moeiscool Upgraded to latest dev this morning (Feb 18), noticed that logging into Shinobi server (on Mini) from my laptop and looking at monitors I have a huge spike in CPU usage to where my core got to 210 quite quickly, and with my fans on high I'm still pulling 185 degrees and FireFox is fluctuating from 130-200%, but my network data (via iStat) is sporadic, usually nothing for 5-6 seconds then a pull of 1.5-5MB for a second.

    I also noticed that when I click Edit Monitor and the camera config window pops up, with every camera I get a popup window with Firefox asking if I want to open detectorStream.m3u8. I see that something about that changed in the dev on Feb 11, "build m3u8 playlist from live streams" commit link here. Could this be the problem? My Mac Mini server load is 2.08-2.10 so a little higher; still running the same 6 camera setup as before.

  • Downgraded to latest Master build (Feb 12, I think), and same thing going on. Server CPU is averaging 2.5 on idle, and laptop logging is still getting pretty darn hot, and the .m3u8 popup is still trying to load.

  • Hi, I a getting the same. M3u8 file message on opening any monitor for edit. Plus, I cannot record any detector events, the red bar under the monitor appears but never does a recording.
    Plus the detector set up window never shows a picture, only a sand colored background.
    This used to work until I upgraded to latest Dev on the super page.
    Please can someone help, thanks Patrick


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