No motion meter, and some general questions.

  • Hi there !

    I'm new to Shinobi. Excuse my english mistakes, i'm french.

    I'm looking for a personal CCTV software, have tried ZoneMinder, MotionEye and some other stuff. Shinobi looks very interestin, but i've some problems and i don't find a lot of information !

    Here is my test config :
    i3 6100t / 16gb ram / 500Gb sata/ Ubuntu server 16.04
    1 hikvision 2335 (1080p, 10fps, RTSP)
    2 xiaomi "Ants" (720p, can't set FPS, RTSP)

    Installation tutorials are great, no problems to get Shinobi up and running.

    I've some strange behaviors with motion detection. I've tried both "built-in" and Cairo2:
    I don't see the "Motion Meter" on dashboard.
    I don't have any "Count of motion" in the Power Viewer.

    BUT i've somerecords, and Webhook URL is working.

    Another question is about "Monitor modes". I can't find doc about that. With ZoneMinder, i use API to set "Modect" or "Monitor" depending on my presence. Is there a way to do tjhe same with Shinobi ? Maybe i don't undersant the doc :

    stop, start, record --> ?
    stop = Disabled --> totaly disable the monitor, can't even watch
    start = Watch-Only --> able to record on motion
    record = Record --> always record

    I hope i'm clear, thanks for your great job, looks very promising.


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