Brown screen

  • Hello

    I have a few Adata AMBEYE cameras and a few from some other brand but they are on another port so I'm not bothering with them right now. I've used the ONVIF probe and they appear there. If I paste the rtsp link that it gives into ffprobe I get authorization failure. I've tried adding username and password before the address in the link but it doesn't work. I just get a brown screen whatever I do. What am I missing?

  • Actually, the brown screen is just browser preference; in Safari it is black. I am able to stream the camera in VLC on the same computer, however I had to remove a bad repo to be able to install it. But it hasn't affected Shinobi in any way.

  • Actually I don't know what causes the brown screen. In any case, I have removed ONVIF authentication and I can stream it without username and password in VLC, but in Shinobi's probe i still get authentication failure. What's going on?!

  • Could you post a screenshot of this "brown" screen?


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