cam in montage view hanging in android chrome broswer

  • example: everything work fine for user x on windows chrome al cam are real time and sync no hanging never! but on any android device in my home (3xtab 3x phone ) all the montage view simply hang after 1-3 seconde of real time the display stay but the time does not advance. all are rtsp cam .and finally one of my cam is a webcam logitech 9000 and again on widnows chrome number one it work real time but in any other device or user it simply won't display anything it's stay black (i suspect a lock of some sort so only one user can use it? ) please does anybody have an idea of my probleme ?? and excuse my poor english i'm a french !

  • i should add that on the hanging device if i click fullscreen on the rtsp cam it show up real time no trouble so it's viable fullscreen but hang in montage view - the webcam nothing work at all --- i think i'm in te wrong spot for help so if a mod can move this to the right channel sorry! and thanks!

  • i think i have resolve this the android CHROME browser seem to be incompatible with the stream HLS with audio
    as soon as i put the stream in websocket 64 they all sync real time to all my device now only downside is i can't have the sound of the cam that would have been really great but at least it work . keep your good work team pretty great software !


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