realtime playback of rtsp stream in chrome browser using vxg media plugin

  • I stumbled upon a pretty cool way of playing rtsp streams in the browser that is virtually realtime, maybe half second behind. It only works in chrome browser tested on windows 7 and mac. Install the plugin on chrome and just simply paste the rtsp url in the box and press the button on that site. When entering the url on their demo, I was able to use a public cam and also my private ip cam on my local network. It worked just the same when I installed the files on my apache server and tried from there. It seems to run with chrome using a minimal cpu load when I tested with one stream. Maybe be able to rebroadcast the rtsp stream from ffmpeg on shinobi and use chrome for a more realtime playback.

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    this would open another connection to your camera. Some cameras, like mine, crash when there are more than one connection. Cheap 4MP camera. Its doing heavy work on weak parts. This might be the case with a lot of people considering how diluted the market has become.

    If we did do this it would mean installing something on client side and it only works on chrome 😞

  • My intention was for it to connect to a stream being broadcast from shinobi, not directly to cam. The test was just to verify how much it behaves in realtime. It was actually able to play my hls feed from shinobi.

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    Oh i see, It would still lose the realtime aspect while consuming HLS.. but I guess it might be better than HLS.ja in terms of performance.

    I just dislike the idea of installing something on client side, reminds me of active X controls and stuff with IE.

  • Yeah, I don't like the plugin idea much, but since chrome/chromium seems to be your favorite browser, I thought it might be viable. What I was considering that if ffmpeg can consume the rtsp stream in shinobi and then rebroadcast another lower latency stream, other than hls, it might be a good way to play a more realtime video while on your home network.

  • Hi guys,

    We've had many people message us about our VXG Chrome Plug-in from this thread. As you may have noticed, browsers have slowly been removing third party plugins. This appears to be happening with VXG Chrome Plug-in as well.

    Noticing this trend, our engineering team have developed a solution that will work in all major browsers, without a plugin. If you visit our website - and sign up for our dashboard, you will be given the option to download something called the VXG Gateway. This seems to be an adequate substitution for our Plug-in customers.

    Feel free to email us at [email protected]

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