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  • I'm working on getting Shinobi integrated with openHAB, and already have Shinobi responding to HTTP GET requests sent by openHAB. However, if I understand the API documentation, there's no current way for openHAB to receive motion events from Shinobi cameras.

    Is this something that's planned for the future? Or perhaps I just misunderstood the API Docs page?

    Thanks for a great piece of software, I already love it!

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    there is a way to send webhooks on triggers. In your monitor's settings you should see in the Detector section Webhook. Once enabled you will be able to input a URL. Alternatively you can use the Command option, in the same section, to run a curl or wget command.

    Thank you! i hope you love it more everyday 😄

  • Thanks so much! Looking forward to playing around with it.

  • @moeiscool Wow, I already have motion events working! I usually have to wait for someone else to figure things out but it was really straightforward. Thanks!

    If anyone stumbles upon this page, we're discussing it more at length on the
    openHAB forum.

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    awesome!! thank you for spreading the word! feels good reading a post that isn't started by me 😅


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