Could I use PC web camera to test Shinobi?

  • Hi Moinul,
    I have installed Shinobi successfully on Ubuntu 16.04, and I can view the test video after I import your demo jason
    But I can't find any doc for adding a new camera, could I add PC web camera to Shinobi, and how?

  • I have tested it successfully.
    input->input type->local.

  • I have tested this configuration with a webcam connected a rapberry pi and Shinobi shows this error message:

    rikimaru0101gmailcom : jCjcsnuejm
    Process Unexpected Exit a few seconds ago
    msg : Process Crashed for Monitor
    cmd : -loglevel warning -progress pipe:5 -analyzeduration 1000000 -probesize 1000000 -fflags +igndts -i "/dev/v4l/by-id/usb-Novatek_Trust_Webcam-video-index0" -f flv -an -c:v copy pipe:1

    Maybe it is a problem with the path o output.
    Any idea?


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