CPU Load and active processes

  • How many active FFMPEG process should be running ?
    I have one camera connected to the system, please let me know if you need configs, settings etc.
    This is what HTOP presents to me, seems high CPU usage for a single camera ???

  • Most of those are ffmpeg threads. You can tell htop to not display user threads, or (I beleive), show threads in a different color.

    As for the CPU usage, it looks like you're doing a ton of encoding instead of passthrough of the h.264 stream. There's an article here somewhere on setting up an h.264 camera for low cpu usage.


  • Thanks, I will have a look at the coloring option / remove threads for HTOP.
    As for the pass of the H.264 stream I would assume that the option would be 'copy' ?

    Will look for the article.

  • Yes, option would be copy.


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