Feature Requests

  • This is a list of some of the features I would like to see in Shinobi, there may be a repeat of other suggestions, please ignore them if they are.

    • Motion Confidence graph to be displayed (if motion is enabled) in the standard video replay windows, this give us an indication when selecting an alert from the main dashboard screen to quickly see where the motion triggered.
      Something like this - 0_1515563049677_eabec585-0464-4928-b399-f9f12d69dd60-image.png

    • Ability to zoom in to the motion and event time line by dragging a window over the required time frame, this would allow for rapid drill down when multiple events occur close together without having to use the date selection window.

    • Ability to export a single frame as a hi-res JPEG from the video playback screen like there is the ability to create a snapshot from the main dashboard viewer

    • In the power video viewer a "next video" button would be handy, or have the player automatically play the next video in sequence.

    That is about it for now, I will edit this list if I see anything additional that with add value in my opinion.



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