46 cameras and counting

  • Quad AMD Opteron 6276, 512GB RAM, 146TB RAID 10 array
    Centos 7, Shinobi Pro

    Mix of Hikvision and Axis cameras, all continuous recording at 6fps H.264
    8 more cameras being installed as we speak

    MUCH MUCH MUCH easier setup than Zoneminder, which we've run for many years. We continue to run Zoneminder (not recording) in parallel for view-only because of the delay in the live view on Shinobi.


  • administrators

    dang that is sweet. For better latency control on the stream i suggest trying FLV. You can get the nice high frame rate of HLS but more real time. Are you streaming out with MJPEG? shinobi can do that too or is it not as good as ZoneMinder's?

  • I am streaming out with Base64 over websocket. I tried FLV...latency is about the same (7-10 seconds). I tried MJPEG...latency was much better (2-3 seconds...comparable to ZoneMinder), but the pop-out window doesn't work.

  • I am impressed by this setup you did with Shinobi, I am thinking about doing something similar but I 've got a few questions: Do you have any bandwidth limitation with all that 46 cameras? Are all these 46 cameras high resolution?


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