Update fail?

  • Hi,

    Update from Web (/super) doesn't seem to work. I see some new directories created, and camera.js is stopped, but I don't get new files.

    The dirs created are

    master_temp, dir_temp

    The files created

    master, dir

    depending on whether I want to upgrade to maser or dev.

    Did I miss something? All I do it click the upgrade button.


  • administrators

    hey there 🙂

    if the update has failed you can try one of the following

    • run the update script again from terminal. Navigate to the shinobi directory and run the following command.
    sudo chmod +x UPDATE.sh&&sudo ./UPDATE.sh
    • download the repo again and overwrite your current files. conf.json file and videos folder should not be affected in an overwrite.

    • use git clone to get a fresh copy then move over your conf.json, videos, and super.json files into the new directory.


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