Highlight motion

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to highlight on the live display where the motion is? I don't think it's needed for recordings.

    Another possibility might me to save a frame or two highlighting motion so I can see where it is.


  • I have just upgraded to the Dev branch, and a new button in the montage windows have this function, highlighting the motion detected.

  • Oooh, very nice. Any ideas how stable the dev branch is?


  • I have not seen it being "unstable".

    New functions have been added, and new bugs have appeared 🙂
    But i really see the potential with this, compared to my previous zoneminder setup.

  • administrators

    new version of the motion plugin with have the option to save the bounding boxes (red squares around stuff) and you will see them in the power video viewer.

    The recordings themselves do not have any drawings on them. They are regular recordings. To see the bounding boxes you need to use the power video viewer at this time.

    Future versions will have the events shows on the regular played also.

  • @moeiscool That's awesome! Thanks!


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