All cameras went black display overnight

  • Shinobi Master
    Firefox 57.0.2

    I left Shinobi logged in all night, viewing live video from 5 cameras (some HLS with copy and some HLS with encode to h264). When I checked on the system in the morning, all the cameras showed black screens. A restart of camera.js resolved the issue.

    Are there any log files I can send you to narrow down any possible issues?

    Recordings continued to work.


  • I have seen the same thing on streams in chrome, if I click the "status plug" the picture appears once again.

  • I'll try that next time it happens. I also have a single camera that freezes its stream, although it still catche motion and records video. I'll try it with that one too.


  • So the one camera froze on its HLS stream again. Clicking the status button got it going again.

    Do you know what clicking the button actually does?


  • I am not sure what the button does, but i assume it does some kind of restart?

    However, i have recently upgraded to the dev branch, browser running over night, i have not seen a black stream since. Maybe it is fixed 🙂

  • So, happened again. The motion bars show, and move, but none of the buttons display when the mouse moves over them.

    How stable is dev?


  • I have the same problem. I've tried all combinations of settings, but my monitors are all black after a day or so.
    I also noticed that when my router restarts on Wednesday mornings, Shinobi does not reconnect to the cameras when the reboot is finished.


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