RTSP Stream for viewing?

  • There is no RTSP in the streaming section?
    But RTSP is what most devices and apps can use?

    The coal is to stream h264 to my satellite receiver (can do only RTSP) and to Phones, Tablets and PC (browser or app).
    Normally there is no need for conversion if the cam does output h264 and almost every device today can handle that codec.

    Also directly recording and sending the h264 stream from the cams should work without big hardware requirements.

    I must be missing something because i don't see how to do that in Shinobi.

  • Any help/support?

  • Why not pull the RTSP feed directly from the camera to your NVR/Receiver? Bypass Shinobi for that... just get the proper URL (can use Shinobi's setup/Probe and copy the url after you've tested it, or use VLC).

  • That's not how it should work.
    If you need to stream to multiple locations the camera and the network is stressed.
    Also then you have no control over the resolution and bitrate of the streams.


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