Fix OS X Install Docs - Proper git path

  • Just a FYI for other OS X folks who might come here and get stuck like I did, here is a copy/paste of a fix for proper install of pro or dev builds of Shinobi on OS X, as official docs do not have the correct git code on Step 4, and I have some followup info in that thread if you have already installed Shinobi on OS X and want to change to proper build....

    @moeiscool said in Recording FPS, Width, Height not present:

    Sorry it looks like i missed changing the git link for that install process to the Pro repo. This was fixed in the Pro repo already.

    git clone Shinobi && cd Shinobi

    should be

    git clone Shinobi

    To switch you can follow these steps. First navigate to the parent directory of where Shinobi is. So if Shinobi is cd /home/Shinobi then do cd /home.

    Notice -b dev at the end of the git clone command, you can get the latest changes by doing that. Not using -b dev will default to master.

    cd /home
    pm2 kill
    mv Shinobi Shinobi.old
    git clone Shinobi -b dev
    cd Shinobi
    npm install
    cp ../Shinobi.old/conf.json conf.json
    cp ../Shinobi.old/super.json super.json
    pm2 start camera.js
    pm2 start cron.js

  • As an update to future OS X users that might find this, there are now some problems that have popped up during the OS X installation process, see here. I'll update this when a solution has been found.


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