@pylh said in shinobi in raspberry pi: Hi, no worries about the delay of response. I also did not have so much time to play around with it. Generally there is a nodejs and a ffmpeg package available for raspbian as well (the raspbian I'm using is based on debian strech and therefore somehow similar to ubuntu, but not real ubuntu). I downloaded from your git repo this week. As said I followed the instructions as described on http://shinobi.video/docs/start (Ubuntu: The hard way). You were right. I tried with user root and that did not work. I created a seperate account as recommended in the instructions and now it's running. CPU usage is smooth. Give me some times Torrent to play around and maybe I can give feedback to community about my experience. Gogoanime Thank you very much! TurboTax Hi, I have a working setup of zoneminder with 4 cams running. Im running the cams (old android phones) at low resolution 640x480 as I only trigger a screen in my living room to turn on if a car enters the driveway.