Shinobi Pro

1000 Camera License

Pro License for Large Setups, 500 Cameras per server

Plan. Which is best for you?

1000 Camera License  
600 USD
1000 Camera License  
7200 USD
Need help making a choice?
Open the Live Chat down below and let us know what questions you have!
Looking for a CPU or SBC?
Try a computer from one of these families. We've tested them in-house and have had great results within the community.
Community Support
Check out our community chat and ask questions to other users of Shinobi as well as the developers themselves!
Server Activations
The number of Shinobi installations that can be licensed and activated.
# of Cameras
The number of cameras in total connected to the associated Server Activations. Max 500 cameras per server.
Technical Support
Help with general questions and issue report priority. Providing support over Phone and Live Chat. Response times are within 24 business hours. Find us quickly by opening a Live Chat with us in the bottom right corner.
Developer Support
We will help you manage any bugs you may be having with a diagnosis and update. Contact us through the website Live Chat.
P2P Server Access
This feature allows you to access your Shinobi server behind a firewall without Port Forwarding or a VPN. We provide multiple servers around the world to act as your rally point. Learn how to use it here.
Self-Hosted P2P Server
Access to Konekta. This allows you to create your own rally point for use with your Shinobi servers. Learn to use Konekta here .
Enterprise Modules
Additional features for your Shinobi instance that we have built in-house and only offer to Enterprise customers. Features like GPS recording and display with your videos, this and many other great tools.
Rebranding Rights
The right to modify identifcation of Shinobi in the interface. On this plan we offer you the option to have our developers make these changes for you.
Mobile Keys Included
Activation to use all the features of our mobile app. Available for Android and iOS here .