Shinobi Pro

Mobile License for Family

Shinobi Access on iOS or Android.

Plan. Which is best for you?

Mobile License for Family  
15 USD
Mobile License for Family  
165 USD
Need help making a choice?
Open the Live Chat down below and let us know what questions you have!
Looking for a CPU or SBC?
Try a computer from one of these families. We've tested them in-house and have had great results within the community.
Community Support
Check out our community chat and ask questions to other users of Shinobi as well as the developers themselves!
Device Activations
The number of Mobile App installations that can be licensed and activated. This license can also be used to activate your Shinobi installation and hide the support notice.
Technical Support
Help with general questions and issue report priority. Providing support over Live Chat on our website or offered options by your representative. Response times may vary.
P2P Server Access
This feature allows you to access your Shinobi server behind a firewall without Port Forwarding or a VPN. We provide multiple servers around the world to act as your rally point. Learn how to use it here.
Self-Hosted P2P Server
Access to Konekta. This allows you to create your own rally point for use with your Shinobi servers. Learn to use Konekta here .