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  • RE: Restart camera.js every 5 seconds, if registred 60-80 cameras

    @marioevangelista said in Restart camera.js every 5 seconds, if registred 60-80 cameras:

    Moe Alam, can you help us?

    This happened to me too. The way I fixed it was to downgrade the version of PM2. the latest version causes it to crash for some reason.

    npm i npm -g
    npm install [email protected] -g

    ran from anywhere. Then pm2 kill to stop all pm2 processes on selected user. Then go to the Shinobi directory and start shinobi again. cd /home/Shinobi && pm2 start camera.js && pm2 start cron.js

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  • RE: ZoneMinder had its place

    @rockedge I never said Shinobi wasn't capable of failing. That would be irrational and it is irrational to assume I thought that at any point in time (you were around when some of the biggest bugs happened). The reason I point out ZM's failings so greatly is because they choose not to fix majority of them. A dev admits that he gets paid a fair amount from the project, yet he still tells people he is too busy or wants $ first.

    My reason for arrogance toward zm devs is simple. I was shunned, I was not helped, and I was hurt. This was before I started Shinobi. Just because they are nice to you doesn't mean they are nice to everyone. You provide free support and bug fixes to the community. I was just a guy who wanted to know how to add fixes and features in my own version of zm. Treating you the way they treated me would be foolish on their part and I think they are capable of understanding that.

    I don't recall questioning filters? Filters are part of Shinobi? One similar to the zm one and another for events as they come in. If I had questioned this in a negative way I probably wouldn't put that much consideration in it.

    I think Shinobi has more mobile support than ZM does. Just open a web browser and pop in the URL. Save it to your homescreen and bam. No installation from a third-party. Third-party as in the app is not made by core zm devs (by the creator's own admission). So technically zm has no (or less in the browser) mobile support because it isn't offered by them directly. Nice one!

    Here is an iPad Pro doing just that.
    alt text

    Can you honestly say ZM would ever use that little CPU? I don't even think the THIRD-PARTY app is capable of this. Regardless of whether it is FFMPEG or VLC. It does the task we are looking for. Why go for a complicated way if a simpler way is also correct? and not knowing how to use ffmpeg is hardly an excuse. I had no clue what ffmpeg was until I started making Shinobi.

    I don't hold a grudge anymore because now users don't need to feel trapped. They can leave ZM (or any other NVR) the moment they are unhappy and that makes me happy. I work everyday to make it better and easier to use, it is now my job to work on Shinobi and because it funds me I want to work on it more. I want to help people more.

    Also I am young. I live with my parents (sadly not in the basement anymore, i kind of liked it). I don't hold my tongue to people who don't deserve it. If you don't like your parents that is your choice, I like mine and I enjoy living with them. It would probably also do you well not to mention other people's parents in negative tone. That is seen as more childish than what I've done because my remarks lay on the relevant not the irrelevant. ZM devs needed to be told they aren't the best and that their behavior is unacceptable. I boast, I admit that. If you are saying having pride for one's work, one's child is wrong then you should get ready to talk down almost every parent. Boasting about what we care about is natural, not everyone does it but its natural.

    I have also been told many times I shouldn't do things by the community. It hurts but once you realize why they say it, it makes sense. Not everyone is critical because they hate your work they are critical because they've had a tough time and it partly is the developer's fault. Even if the liability clause is there, If people have trouble with Shinobi it bothers me. It's something I wrote and shared with for a purpose and it ends up not doing that. I want to fix that.

    As for our approaches. Regardless of how different they may be, the basic premise is the same. Build an Open Source NVR platform that works in the browser. They have done that but can you say they have done their best? I don't believe they have and I don't think we are going to see their best anymore, not on ZM anyway.

    I believe I can say this because I truly cared about ZM (actually still really do, i check their community chat every morning). I was showing my custom version to my friends, people who had no clue what any of it was. I was that happy about it. I really wanted it to work but again and again things just kept falling apart. I spent years of my life only to find out it was all a waste. Hypothetical : How would you feel if all the work you did on ZM was one day no longer used and instead they went for something sub-standard because it was easier to implement? It might crush you. That is how I felt.

    You can make fun or defend ZM all you like but it doesn't change anything. ZM devs could have had more people in their community building a better zm if they were more human to people and showed more care toward the project they are the leaders of. The Shinobi community that people have come together to build is insane (call this boasting if you want). I can't even count how many people have provided bug reports and features. Like its crazy not to want people to help or be a critic, it just helps you get better. (Edited)

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  • RE: is CUDA HW Acceleration working?

    It seems that i need to find a suitable work around for JPEG based outputs. It looks like you are using MJPEG as your stream type.

    Try setting your Stream Type to Poseidon, HLS, or FLV with the codec set to copy for Video and for Audio do No Audio or aac.

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  • We're Back!

    I finally figured out how to fix the CSS issues on the forum! and quite honestly it was the reason i was away from it for so long. Every time i wanted to reply to some posts i would see the forum's CSS and it would drive me nuts. I would try to fix it and get tired.. then just do other things.

    Now that it is back I will be spending some time in the next few hours replying to all the old posts. I am very sorry for the super late responses. I didn't realize I had been getting sidetracked that long.

    Thanks to everyone who stuck with the forum!


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  • RE: ZoneMinder had its place

    I believe ZoneMinder's strength came from the fact it was a open-source community project. Not a close-sourced platform for people to make money off every user. Personally I put up with that horror because it was free and open-source. I am not able to pay for crazily priced platforms nor do i wanna install windows for my servers. I struggled because it was my only option.

    I accept ZoneMinder is old and needs a lot of work. I don't accept that the devs claim ZoneMinder is "A full-featured, open source, state-of-the-art video surveillance software system" while it remains nearly the same thing since they picked it up 4+ years ago. I understand they are volunteers and have lives to live... but I am doing the same as them. They even have more incentive than I do, they get donations and bounty support regularly. I wouldn't be surprised if their position on the team has earned them alternate sources of income. The name "ZoneMinder" gives them that luxury.

    In short : ZoneMinder is dying (or dead) because it has no guardian to take care of it. It just has people editing it. ZoneMinder would still have a place if there was more effort put into the platform.. and in no way do i intend undermine what they have done so far but for the times we live in it isn't enough.

    Enough of my rambling! Yes the world is evolving fast. We have to keep up or we get left behind. Luckily i have been doing a lot of testing with [email protected] for the last few months and Shinobi seems to handle it just fine. Since Shinobi uses FFmpeg you can do things like pass-through (copy encoder). Which will record or stream H.264 data with very little overhead. We can also make use of the GPU to get even better performance.

    I will soon be updating object detection docs to include the fast install for OpenCV and CUDA. So you can get that detection stuff going easier.

    ZM can still have a place. They just need to earn it all over again.

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  • RE: Several Questions: Version Number? Mobile View? "Conform Form Resubmit"?

    Hey there 😄 frankly if ZM does everything you need it to then you should stick with that. Shinobi is still in the early stages.

    1. currently shinobi uses the git system and has no actual versioning system of it's own. My ideas on how I want to do this put me in a sort of circle when i try to decide on a particular method. So i just get tired an move on to other things. So for now the easiest way to know your version would be to use git on terminal in the shinobi folder.

    2. Right now the aspect is forced to fit on the screen it is presented on. Currently the only camera viewing UI is the dashboard and embed page. You can technically make a crude viewer with the API. There have been a few users who started building their own interfaces. I am not entirely sure if they are presented to the public though.

    3. The irony. I actually made it do a full js login before but opted to follow the browser standard instead. The browser standard does this to avoid sending data without your consent. I did find one link about this (for chrome) but it is really old. Perhaps you can get a hint at the very least!category-topic/chrome/discuss-chrome/bUNejC0hF7U

    4. (reply to your discord message) Yes the forum does appear broken. It suddenly happened and quite frankly i have no clue on how to fix it. I have tried a few things yet no change. I have left a post on the NodeBB forum and hopefully I can get some assistance on what to do.

    Thanks for writing!

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  • How to Add a RTSP Camera with the Automatic Method (Video)


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  • RE: Working with

    yes a private build i have already made uses their cloud service. Could you please tell me which commands you are using specifically? then i can get it ready for a public push

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  • RE: Motion Detection - API

    awesome!! thank you for spreading the word! feels good reading a post that isn't started by me 😅

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