@moeiscool After long term testing..and running Shinobi since it's inception (I have versions running that did nothing but stream somewhat) I have found shinobi just as prone to failure and as buggy as ZM. I really do not understand you talking about arrogance when you are exactly the same if not more boastful. Shinobi is okay but not quite the Cat's Meow. And I take direct insult as I spend a lot of time working on ZM and as you know some suggestions thrown your way. If you remember you questioned the importance of filter functions. Shinobi is a GUI for FFMEG and combines some neat features when you come right down to it. The concept ZM uses is different from Shinobi and that's it. 2 different approaches...both have some big cons and both have their strengths. What mobile support does Shinobi have actually? Because the web interface display is horrible on my phone. I don't know why you seem bent on holding grudges and resorting to bad mouthing other developers.....it makes you seem like..really young and living in mom's basement still. Some kind of coding hooligan. I seem to remember pointing that out 1.5 years ago.